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We heal by conversing, connecting, opening up. Our programs allow a safe environment for others to feel accepted, one-in-the-same, and comfortable to share their stories. That is when most healing takes place. We believe in starting a conversation. There is power in numbers. The more people realize that they aren't alone in feeling bullied or inadequate, the less shame they hold on to and less pain they continue to endure.

Meet Bri. At just 13-years-old bullied since middle school and because of that she suffered a depression that was really hard to get out of. One of the issues was weight, rumors from mean girls, being physically threatened, having a petition being signed by half of my junior class saying I was a loser and that I didn't belong. And another issue was being made fun of for my learning disability. I always felt like I wasn't good enough or didn't fit in anywhere it got so bad to the point where i got suicidal. "I have for this organization is huge. it honestly saved me from a dark place in my life i can't even express enough how blessed I am for it all."

Bri, over the past four years has volunteered with B2B. "One of my biggest goals was accomplished I am now an outreach ambassador for B2B and I am very thankful with all my heart. B2B has given me the opportunity to help others."

Whether it's charity or saving someone's life from bullying. This has always been something I've been passionate about and one of my biggest goals in life.

Thank you B2B❤️

"Boo2Bullying is an amazing organization that's spreads the word the it is not ok to be bullied, it is not a right of passage that ever child needs to go through. This organization gives kids the tools that they need to overcome bullying, to know it's not okay and how to stand up and help others. As a victim of bullying myself it is important to give kids a voice and let them be heard; Dimitri and Boo2Bullying does that for our youth." - Andrea Madrigal, Boys & Girls Club Palm Springs

"Boo2Bullying to me it's a passionate group of individuals that strives to make this world a better place. One of the Girls Youth Ambassador, Solange Signoret is a very talented individual. Her talents are never ending and out of everyone she's one person who will make an impact on peoples lives. Dimitri Halkidis the founder of Boo2Bullying strives for greatness, and won't stop until greatness is achieved. This organization doesn't help just any one type of people but helps out everyone and anyone who is or has been bullied. This organization will make a difference if it hasn't already. So what does boo 2 bullying mean to me. It means putting an end to inequality and bullying. And making a difference in people's lives." - Eiza Hose, 12 grade High School Student

"The fact that you are on this page right now reading this means more to myself and Team B2B than you can imagine. This organization is truly our pride and passion. We have grown together throughout the years and have put in countless hours of effort, love and labor to hopefully attract goodhearted people such as yourself to this worthy cause. Thank you so much for your interest. Being a victim of bullying myself, as well as witnessing others being affected from the same unjust and disheartening acts, has given me an undeniable drive to

help anyone else who may be confronted with any sort of intolerance. This is why I am so proud of Boo2Bullying's pilot programs which bring us these opportunities. Together we strive. It's important for us to always carry out the message of love over hate, and teach those who can't find it within themselves how to confront issues and ultimately overcome them, coming out of any bullying situation ten times stronger, more knowledgeable and even more loving towards our society. It is our duty to not let the hatred within some turn others cold, but to learn, grow and prosper.

Our mission is to inspire others, causing a chain reaction of love and support. Our mindset determines our future. We cannot allow the children of today, our future, to be swayed by intolerance and inequality. We must use our voices and programs to promote healthy mindsets and ultimately lifestyles. Let's make some change!" Love and light, Cassandra Scerbo, Vice President, Boo2Bullying

"The negative effects of bullying aren't just temporary. Unkind words and actions from peers or even friends have lasting impacts on those that are bullied and those around them. On the other hand, actions and messages of love and tolerance can have permanent impacts in very positive ways. As someone that remembers what it was like to face bullying in school, I am proud to be part of an organization dedicated to creating these messages of positivity, to continuing a dialogue about the real reasons behind bullying, to showing victims of bullying that they are not alone, that there is hope, and that everyone is capable of being a light in this world to help those around them." Mike C. Manning, Director of Development

"When I was younger, I was often a victim of physical and psychological bullying. Often felt like I was alone and speaking up would only make matters worse. Boo2Bullying gave me the opportunity to give back and help others that may be dealing with similar issues I've dealt with in my lifetime. It's important that we come together and unite so we can have a better understanding of one another in hopes of putting an end to bullying, intolerance and inequality. These things have been around for a long time in our society, but here I feel like I can make a difference one day at a time." Harry N. Evans

"I love volunteering with Boo2Bullying because the organization seeks to make the world better. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can change someone's day or even change a person's life. Everyone deserves a chance to pursue their life without fear of being bullied, discriminated against, or belittled. Boo2Bullying encourages all voices to be heard." -Blake Cooper Griffin

"Acting as the young men's youth ambassador for Boo2Bullying has been incredibly rewarding for me because it facilitates a real opportunity to affect change. By going into schools and talking with kids and really listening to them we initiate an invaluable dialog that attacks bullying head on. Boo2Bullying is comprised of caring, articulate individuals dedicated to eradicating the bullying epidemic." Sean Kanan, Young Mens Ambassador

"As a people, we are all equal and we as a people need to stand up and let that be known loud and strong. A bully is a bully, no matter race, creed religion or status. And bullying is bullying no matter to what degree , and it is not ok!!!!Most bullies today hide behind their computer screens and can target as many people as they want without anyone reprimanding them. We all know of someone who has been bullied, and we also know of persons in which do the bullying. Sexual harassment is a form of bullying and it is running rampant in the entertainment Buisness as we speak! It is in our faces, and now is the Time to act. Come on and help @boo2bullying take a stance against bullying. I really hurt for the younger children. They have not the tools to deal with bullying on this level. Sometimes they feel the only option is leaving this earth and that's a shame. Every persons voice counts. There is someone right now thinking of taking their own lives, better yet taking Someone else's life because of being bullied. Think about that. And that's why I say....NO TO BULLYING." - Dallas Greene

"Boo2Bullying found me, I like to say. During a time when I thought bulling was over (I'm an adult and had faced bullies all my high school years) I found myself targeted by adult bullies. I thought it was over, but Boo2Bullying had an event that I found myself at and connected to. People first. Humans. That's what I like to say about what we do. We think about others' struggles and many of us can relate and put ourselves in the shoes of the youth that are victims of such acts. Knowing first hand how it feels has helped me to connect and sympathize with those on my team as well as those in the schools or events we've hosted. We all have two lets open them and see. We all have two ears...let's use them and hear. We all have one heart. Let's be compassionate towards others and treat fellow humans like we would want ourselves to be treated. Boo2bullying has given me the strength to stand up for this cause when only 15 years ago I used to cower in fear. No more hiding. Today we are stronger together." Anthony James "A.J." Mayers, Board Member